Monday, June 4, 2012

Least Responsible Runner EVER

I ran the NYRR Israel 4-Mile race this weekend and it was a disaster.  I'm officially the least responsible runner(slow jogger?) EVER.  I swear I tried to be responsible.  I was going out to dinner with friends, I had plans to drink water and maybe one cocktail and somehow the night just got out of control.

Sober and responsible before dinner. 

One glass of sangria turned into a few margartias which turned into pickle-back shots.  Serious disaster.

Tequila is delicious.  Also, I REALLY need a haircut.

I really did try to make good choices.  I drank SO many glasses of water....but I guess when they're in between shots of whiskey that doesn't really count as a "good decision."  I tried to undo the alcohol by eating a clif bar(chocolate coconut!  yum!) and chugging a liter of water on my way home at 3am, which probably helped a lot.

I somehow managed to wake up on time and I seriously considered not running.  But then I felt like a jerk.  I signed up and paid for it and I live SO close to the starting line...I couldn't NOT go, no matter how terrible I felt.  So I got dressed and dragged myself to the start about ten minutes before the race started.

I had a PINK bib!  I usually have an
ugly brown bib because I'm the slowest
 runner ever.  That's actually probably
 the real reason I decided to run.

In the end, I was so tired and so slow, but I'm happy I went.  I ran, grabbed some snacks at the finish, walked home and crawled back into bed for a three hour nap. 

Lesson learned:  don't go out the night before a race!  I would have been fine if I had just gone to dinner and had a drink or two; I didn't need to stay out until 3am.  I'm definitely happy I got to spend time with my friends but I could have done without the five million drinks and late night dancing.

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