Thursday, June 7, 2012

Date Night @ The Smith

Today was a perfect day in NYC. I went on a walk through the park so I could have lunch at Trader Joe's. I don't think ever seen Sheeps Meadow empty! Normally it's packed with people laying out, playing frisbee, doing yoga, etc, but I guess it was closed or something today.

I managed to squeeze in a short three mile run along the east river before my date night. I wanted to run more, I just didn't have enough time. I only had about eight minutes to shower and get ready, but I made it. Washing your hair is overrated.

I had a wonderful date night at The Smith. I really love the East Village location so I was happy to try the new midtown one.

The food was pretty good but the place was packed and loud.

Now I'm off to bed full of bacon-wrapped-apricots and champagne. Goodnight!

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