Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloody Toes

I had a great run today! Love it when that happens.

Three easy and peaceful miles along the East River. It was cloudy and looked like it was about to rain, which actually encouraged me to run a bit faster.

Two years ago I could easily run five or six miles at a respectable pace and now I'm struggling to run at a 10 min/mile pace. Today was the first time it felt like running was getting easier. Granted I was still working way too hard, but I'm finally feel like I'm getting somewhere.

And then I got home and there was this.....

You would think that if I was bleeding enough to soak through my sock I would have felt something, but no. I must have been too busy focusing on how happy I was to be running outside or something. Oh well, time to buy new socks. :)

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